Marvellous Marble. We delve into our Porcelanosa collections and pick six different designs that will transform your home

What is it about marvellous marble...

Marvellous Marble. We delve into our Porcelanosa collections and pick six different designs that will transform your home

Marble effect tiles convey such a natural sophistication and elegance, and it’s these unique characteristics and aesthetic qualities that make marble such a timeless edition in the home.

And with the advances in porcelain production combined with high-resolution printing, marble inspired tiles are more affordable today than ever before, as well as possessing all of the durability qualities you need to make day-to-day upkeep so simple.

The introduction of a marble finish will transform a space, adding a luxurious feel and promoting well-being through its calming demeanour. Our Porcelanosa collections are a great place to start the search for your perfect marble tile finish, and we’ve picked six different designs to help inspire your search.

Effortless Elegance with White Polished Marble

Of all the different colour options we associate with marble, white remains the most classic and popular choice. The many advantages include its reflective qualities, especially with a polished finish which adds a striking luminance into spaces.

Our pick is the polished MARVEL floor tiles. They are ideal for spaces where clean and bright surfaces will add to the ambience. This includes not only bathrooms, but also kitchens and living areas that will be enhanced by its chic appearance.

marvel marble tiles

Classic wall-to-wall Tiling with Large Format Marble

A seamless marble surface makes a big impact in bathroom design. Marble effect tiles are ideal for protecting walls whilst transporting us back to historical baths and Spa buildings.

Choosing the large format MASSA tiles really elevates the visual appeal of its grey veining pattern on a crisp white background. These large format tiles help create a visually homogenous look where book-matched patterns line up and the predominantly white reflective surface helps reflect a natural radiance into the room.

massa marble tiles

Add Striking Contrast with Black Marble Effect Tiles

For creating pure drama nothing compares to moody marble finishes. Dark and characterful marble, if handled correctly, can convert hum-drum spaces into designer décor with a marked architectural quality. Black marble effect tiles are suitable in any space where you want to create a little bit of drama that also maintains a modern and fresh feel.

Our pick, the NYLO NOIR polished tile, is suitable for floors and walls. Its powerful aesthetic can bring a theatrical feel into a space and create statement elegance.

nylo noir marble tiles

Go Contemporary Chic with Grey Marble Effect Tiles

Over recent years the colour grey has emerged as a continued favourite trend in home design. Grey always looks stylish and has an effortless contemporary quality. Grey marble effect tiles possess all the beauty of this highly versatile and neutral tone but with added depth and texture.

We’ve picked the INDIC tile which is available for floors and walls and has a rich grey veining that creates a mottled light-grey tone against a white background, delivering a beautifully textured and matt surface.

indic marble tiles

Beautiful Onyx Marble Tiles to Frame Your Style

One of the unique characteristics of marble is how it complements other finishes so nicely, and combining your surface materials can have a stunning effect.

A great marble look tile to use for this look is SOCHI. The tile is so rich with its beautiful Onyx effect to create an almost three-dimensional feel, which when framed by simpler finishes really bring the tiles to life. Timber floors for example really showcase the tiles amber and golden flecks.

Sochi tiles

Endless Versatility with Classic Carrara

If you close your eyes and imagine a typical marble floor tile chances are you will conjure up Carrara. That region of Italy is indeed renowned for its unique marble quarry.

Our Carrara pick is DOLIMITI which contains the perfect blend of grey and white with its rich veining, a classic monochrome combination that has lost none of its appeal. Undoubtedly these marble-effect floor tiles will give your home a rich and visually stunning pattern that will lift your space.

dolomiti marble tiles

Are you ready to find your perfect marble tiles?

These designs showcase just a few of the marble-effect tiles available inside our Woking showroom, all delivering a beautiful aesthetic alongside versatility and practicality.

Plan a visit soon and come and discover the unique characteristics and qualities of all of our marble look tile collections.