Be inspired to create naturally calming Nordic Bathroom Design

A simplicity and beauty that gives a feeling of space

Be inspired to create naturally calming Nordic Bathroom Design

Nordic style continues to captivate interior design, delivering a minimalist decorative style in contemporary home design. At its core it is based on the beauty of simplicity and naturalness, practicality and minimalism.

It’s a style that can now be found in homes around the world, but the trend was born from the cold outdoor temperatures and limited daylight hours found across Scandinavia, with the aim to create an interior purity and brightness that would combat lack of natural light with the predominance of white and light tones.

The style is now more commonly used to create interior spaces that have a visual cleanliness and use light colours to multiply natural light and give a feeling of enhanced spaciousness and calm.

Interpreting this style into today’s modern bathroom design, opting for both white flooring and walls is the perfect choice for being truly faithful to the most original Nordic style.

Porclenaosa Biano Pulida white tiles

Porclenaosa Biano Pulida white tiles

Above Bianco ceramic tiles, Thassos and Portofino by Porcelanosa are beautiful white polished tiles that mimic natural stone and bring brightness to enhance the feeling of space and create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.

It oozes simplicity, beauty and style, and furthermore connects the room with a feeling of peace and serenity.

Our bathroom and tile collections feature so many products that deliver on creating a sophisticated Nordic atmosphere – perfect to design a calming bathroom retreat that will remain timeless and sophisticated.

You can introduce the serious style of XL format tiles for a serene seamlessness.

Urbatec White Nature XL 150x250 mrable tiles

Above Porcelanosa’s Urbateck Nature White XL tiles fully embrace the pure white lines of Nordic Design whist adding minimalist marble style.

Wood is another crucial element in Nordic inspired design, because if there is something that defines this style, besides the predominance of white, then it is its commitment to materials and textures that come from nature.

Natural wood, especially in lighter tones, can define a simple, warm and welcoming space that makes being in your bathroom during the colder months of the year a cosy and pleasurable experience.

Introducing wood effect flooring is an effective way to capture this style. Our wood effect tiles are ideal for use in bathrooms and are water resistant and easy to maintain.

Ca Pietra Franklin Porcelain Light wood effect tiles

Above. Contrasting with the natural Nordic feel of white wall tiles, the Ca Pietra Franklin Porcelain Light wood effect floor tiles will give you bathroom a realistic timber floor feel which embraces an organic rustic feel full of natural grains and knots.

Wood is also very much present in Scandinavian style furniture. Simple and functional designs, based on straight and pure lines.

Porcelanosa Noken Pure Line wood furniture

Porcelanosa’s Pure Line wood furniture collection is a perfect place to find this look. The sleek lines, and natural wood tones of the units come in an array of sizes to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Even though Nordic style’s started at the beginning of last century, by maintaining both its essence and origin, the design trend has been developed with the addition of new materials such as marble, brass and metallic colours like gold, silver and copper – alongside natural materials such as cotton, linen or wool.

At its essence though, the powerful ‘less is more’ Nordic style remains prevalent, creating both a minimalist and practical spaces that delivers effortless style.

If you are inspired to create your own Nordic Sanctuary, you’ll find even more inspiration in our showroom.